For many LVAD recipients even the simple things in life can become difficult or just plain inconvenient. Tasks such as cooking, cleaning, or running errands can suddenly feel insurmountable and uncomfortable carrying a VADbag all of the time.

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The Freedom Undervest has been designed with your comfort, convenience, and lifestyle in mind. From everyday activities and chores to recreational hobbies and even sleep, this LVAD shirt is right there with you, freeing up your hands so you can say you’re #donewiththebag!

Many LVAD recipients may be delighted to learn the potential for the Freedom Undervest in travel. Don’t feel confined to your home or town; be free to explore new places and visit loved ones, with the help of Medi-Materials’ premier LVAD clothing.

We conducted a poll among LVAD recipients, and found that while 62% feel free to travel, a whopping 38% don’t! Whether from fear of driveline infection, weariness of dealing with their LVAD bag, or other concerns, so many folks are missing out on the joys of life without the bag.

Medi-Materials wants to empower all LVAD recipients to follow their hearts—not to be constrained by them!

Give our LVAD vest a try, and when you love it (you will) invest in a few more. Like socks, it is best to wear a fresh one each day (it is an undergarment, after all). Travel the world, and leave your LVAD bag behind for good. It’s all possible, with the Medi-Materials Freedom Undervest.

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