Loading the Freedom Undervest properly will greatly reduce the risk of damaging your driveline and eliminates the need for irritating adhesive anchors.  There are 7 easy steps:


1.  Place your external LVAD equipment on a firm surface.  Be sure to have your wires and driveline untangled and in position.

2.  Put on your Undervest while the LVAD equipment remains on the firm surface.  Please be careful not drop your LVAD peripheral equipment.

3. Open the long front pouch of the Undervest by pulling the tabs in the front and at each side, for access to the internal pockets.

4. Reach down through the opening in the Undervest to grab one of your batteries.

5. Place your battery into its designated pocket at either side. The Battery pocket accommodates all LVAD system batteries.

6. Repeat this procedure with the opposite battery, then with your Controller module in the center pocket. The Controller pocket has a heat reflective material embedded in it that will protect you when your controller gets hot.

7. Fasten the large pouch, using the front and side tabs to line up the top with the bottom half of the large pouch.