Medi-Materials is proud to invite all LVAD recipients to try out the Freedom Undervest. Perfect for day-to-day activities, the Freedom Undervest means you can be #Donewiththebag. Free your hands and yourself, and take back your freedom.

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Sleeping with your LVAD may take some time to get used to. It’s an adjustment, and you may struggle to drift off to sleep because of concerns about your driveline. With a few tips from those who have pioneered this life-changing garment, you’ll be snoozing like a baby in no time.

Tips for Sleeping with an LVAD in our LVAD shirt:

1. Be prepared. Always keep your backup controller, additional charged battery, and a flashlight on your bedside table in case of power issues.

A. HeartMate II & III LVADs: Leaving your system controller in its center pocket, switch from your batteries to your patient cable and set your batteries in the charger as usual. Pass your patient cable through the gap in the Velcro fastener on either side. Choose whichever side you prefer not to sleep on. Fasten the velcro tabs, lie back, and take a deep breath. With the decreased risk of your driveline snagging or pulling, you’re free to relax into slumber, without your VAD bag.

B. Heartware LVADs: Leave both the controller and ONE of your batteries in their designated pocket (or anywhere in the larger Kangaroo pouch that is comfortable). Remove and switch out the other battery with the charging cable as you would normally do. Pass the charging cable through either of the gaps in the Velcro fastener and rest easier tonight.

C. Take Note: Since your external LVAD equipment resides in the front Controller pocket of your Freedom Undervest, it is safest if you lie flat on your back or even on your side. We do not recommend lying on your stomach.

2. Give it a try. We know it can seem scary to forego the tried-andtrue method, but this LVAD vest was specifically designed to be lived in, and that includes sleeping. We hope you’ll take advantage of the many benefits of Freedom.

3. Smile! You’ve reclaimed your comfort, independence, and rest. It’s going to be a good night.

Reduce the risk of driveline infections, free your hands, and take back your slumber, with Medi-Materials’ Freedom Undervest LVAD clothing.

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