The Freedom Undervest

The Freedom Undervest

Go hands-free with this patented undergarment, designed to securely hold your controller and batteries beneath your clothing. Free yourself from worry and the VAD bag, with the Freedom Undervest.


  • Compatible with all LVAD systems.
  • Immobilize the driveline at the wound site, reducing the risk of driveline infections.
  • Conceal and protect the driveline from snagging and damage that may lead to driveline fractures.
  • Eliminate the need for adhesive driveline anchors while wearing the Undervest.
  • Evenly distributes the weight of the external equipment, which improves balance, alleviates shoulder pain and fatigue caused by shoulder VAD bags.
  • Provides hands-free mobility.
  • Breathable 2-way stretch fabric that offers great compression to comfortably house controllers and batteries securely.
  • Helps relieve the stress of ALWAYS being concerned for the safety of the driveline and equipment.
  • Available in Medium, Large, X-large, 2XL-3XL and 4XL-5XL.

 Instructions for loading the Freedom Undervest
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Product Description

We’ve named our groundbreaking LVAD vest the “Freedom Undervest” because it will free you from the VAD bag! The Freedom Undervest can be used with both the HeartWare and the HeartMate LVAD systems!  Go hands-free with this patented undergarment, designed to securely hold your controller and batteries beneath your clothing. The Undervest is not just another LVAD shirt, but the first TRULY protective LVAD shirt.  Freedom from worry and anxiety is our primary focus at Medi-Materials.  Living your best life as an LVAD recipient means knowing you have the best tools and technology at your disposal to protect you.  By its design, the Freedom Undervest my reduce the risks of both driveline damage and driveline infections: both of which may lead to pump exchange operations and lengthy hospitalization and recuperation.  Unlike many of our competitors, is comprised of a team of both Advanced Heart Failure clinicians with decades of experience with mechanical assist devices and actual LVAD recipients like you, who understand the day-to-day concerns and fears LVADers live with, everyday.  We invite you to gain your FREEDOM!

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Small, Medium, Large, X Large, 2XL to 3XL, 4XL-5XL


Wearing the Freedom Undervest may help reduce the risk of driveline infections by:

  • Immobilizing the driveline at the wound site: minimizing movement at the exit site which reduces trauma to the soft tissue.
  • Evenly distributes the weight of the external LVAD equipment without applying tension to the driveline.
The driveline and LVAD equipment is carried comfortably next to the body under the clothing. The driveline is never exposed while wearing the Undervest properly, so there is a much reduced likelihood for snagging or other types of damage to occur to it. When worn properly, the dedicated pockets securely hold the controller and batteries. The larger Kangaroo pouch that houses the pockets will catch the equipment even if in the unlikely event that it inadvertently falls out of the pocket.
The Undervest is made of a 83% Polyester, 17% Lycra blend that offers 4-way stretch and supple compression.
Yes! Machine wash in cold water only. It is a good idea to fasten the Velcro fasteners before washing to preserve their integrity.
Yes! For the HeartMate II and III LVADS, leaving the system controller in its pocket, switch from your batteries to your patient cable as you do normally, while wearing the Undervest. There are gaps in the Velcro fastener on both sides of the Kangaroo pouch where the cable can easily be passed through, depending upon which side you sleep on. Fasten the Undervest closed and enjoy your rest without the VAD bag.  For Heartware LVADS, leave both the controller and one of your batteries in their designated pocket (or anywhere in the larger Kangaroo pouch that is comfortable). Replace and remove the other battery with the charging cable as you would normally do. Pass the charging cable through either of the gaps in the Velcro fastener and rest easier.
We offer the Undervest in 5 sizes: medium, large , X-large , 2XL-3XL and , 4XL-5XL.
The Undervest is available in sizes up to 5XL
No. The controller pocket is lined with an insulating material that actually reflects heat away from your body. While in its pocket, you should feel no heat from the controller.
No. Since your LVAD equipment will be nestled in their pockets and the driveline secured beneath the Undervest, there is no fear of tugging or pulling at the exit site.
Checking your controller or replacing your batteries is easily done by opening up the kangaroo pouch. There are tabs (top and bottom) in the front and on either side, to easily pull the Velcro fastener apart. You can simply look down and check your controller parameters (Heartware) or lift it out of its pocket to view the LED screen (HeartMate II and III). To replace the batteries, unfasten the Velcro on the side where the battery rests, lift it out and switch it as usual, then place the new battery in to the side pocket. Refasten the Velcro by lining up the top and bottom tabs on the front and on each side of the Undervest, for a neat closure.
All of Medi-Materials products are made in the USA!

21 reviews for The Freedom Undervest

  1. Elizabeth Smith

    I love my shirt and just ordered another one. It’s well made and securely holds my equipment. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because of the controller section. I have a Heartware VAD and the cables all come out on the sides. The Velcro on the driveline side needs to be stretched across both cables. I’d like it more if the Velcro closure was two parts, one for driveline and one for battery.

    • John

      Hello Elizabeth,

      We really like your idea! The HeartWare controller is a bit awkward in that it has cables coming out from two sides. The Velcro fasteners were meant to hold the controller in place until the larger kangaroo pouch was secured. We think your idea can be implemented in a near future version of the Undervest.

      Thank you!

    • John

      Hello Elizabeth,

      We just wanted you to know that we are working on implementing your idea. When the prototype is complete we would like you to test it for us.

  2. Tere

    Do you have sizes larger than xl? I would need to order 3x

    • John


      Our XL fits people from 2X through 3x and some 4x, depending upon body type.


    How well does the vest work for Heartmate 3?

    when are you expecting more mediums? I normally wear a large shirt as I am a small framed person. Would a large be to loose?

    • John


      The Undervest works perfectly with the HeartMate 3. The manufacturer we use to make our LVAD shirt is extremely busy during this time of year, something we did not know to anticipate. We were told that the lead time would be a minimum of 8+ weeks. Coupled with the fact that this is our first year in this market and that the Undervest has been in very high demand, we were caught unaware. Our large MAY fit you depending upon your body type. Give it a try. You can just return it if the fit isn’t perfect.

  4. Michael Burns (verified owner)

    My husband wears an XL in shirts so we ordered the Large. He holds all his weight in his belly and thinks it’s way too tight but, is giving it some time to stretch. Will most likely order another one soon. Would like other colors as well. Thanks!

    • John

      Hello Mrs. Burns,

      Perhaps the XL will be a better fit for your husband. It shouldn’t be overly tight. We want the Undervest to be comfortably snug, but not tight. We will be offering the Undervest in black, soon.

  5. James Newton (verified owner)

    I found the undervest when I received my LVAD. I ordered three and do not regret it one bit. I love them. It also helps me when I sleep, it keeps the control unit snug and in place. People can’t even tell I have an LVAD. I’ve recommended them to VA Nashville transplant team, the Vanderbilt LVAD clinic as well at the rehabs at Vandy and Memphis. I was surprised they had not known of your product. They all have your web address now.

    • John

      Hello Mr. Newton,

      Thank you so much for your kind review and support! We are glad to hear that you sleep with the UnderVest. That was one of the design specifications we thought was very important. So many LVADers lose sleep worrying about their equipment. We wanted to do something about. Thank you for spreading the word!

  6. Sandy Kay Perry

    I am on my second LVAD and my daughter just purchased one of your under shirts for me as a Christmas gift. I was so pleased with it that she is ordering me another white one and we are waiting for when the black one is available. My son is also planning on ordering me some too so I can have a change to wear every day. Believe me when I say I have tried all of the equipment that I have gotten from the hospital: vest, bags, harnesses and this is by far the most comfortable and practical. I am currently using the Heartmate !!. Thank you for your design.

    • John

      Hello Sandy,

      We are very happy to learn how well the Freedom Undervest is working for you! We hope to have the new shirts available within the next two months. Thank you for your kind words!

  7. Moya Roland

    Was wondering if when you have XL in stock could you let me know in time to order some….to my email below.

    • John

      Hello Moya, We expect a new shipment within the next few days. We will contact you when it arrives. Thank you for reaching out to us! John

      • John

        Hello Moya,

        Our newest version of the Freedom and Freedom 2 UnderVests have arrived and are available in our web store.

  8. June Butler (verified owner)

    I liked the design but the size large I ordered was too tight. I will order the xl next time.

    • John

      Hello June,

      Our newest Undervests are now available in our web store!

  9. Amanda l Williams

    Please get 2x and 3x soon my mom needs some

  10. STEVE BYRD (verified owner)

    I have had a heartmate 3 for over two years and this is the only thing that really works. I find myself forgetting that I have it on. It is so comfortable you will love it. It is also the first vest I have found that wasn’t hot during the summer. I am going to order a couple of more because now I don’t want to wear anything else.

    • John

      Thank you Mr. Byrd! We’re happy the Undervest works so well for you.

  11. Charlotte Pichey (verified owner)

    My husband has been wearing your undergarment for almost 18 months and totally loves them. He has the Heart Mate 2 and we have told our lvad support group about this shirt and they also enjoy wearing them. Best of all, all the equipment and lines are safely tucked away and sometimes I even forget he is an lvad recipient. Wonderful product.

  12. Maryann

    Was wondering if you adapted the shirt for the Heartware as you had mentioned. My husband had his heartware in on our 37th Anniversary, would love to get him this shirt if it was done?

    • John

      Hello Maryann,

      Our Undervests have always accommodated the Heartware LVAD system as well as the HeartMate 2 & 3. We HAVE tweaked the controller pocket to make it even better for our HeartWare customers. In the new design, the controller pocket is larger and has an added fastener for the HeartWare device. Place your order soon! Supplies are limited.

  13. Amy Kraemer (verified owner)

    My husband Lvad surgery was 9/18. His chief complaint was how uncomfortable he was. We bought every shirt and product out there to try to make him more comfortable. Some of the shirts are fine but when he tried the undervest he is over the moon happy! This is the only thing he’ll wear now. I’m so happy we found something that is not only comfortable but hides everything. He had even worn it alone to the beach.

    • John

      Thank you, Amy! We are glad that your husband feels safe and comfortable in our Undervest. It’s always great to hear that we’re meeting our goal!

  14. Mattie Chambers (verified owner)

    I am waiting for a black one
    I am hoping they will be in before the Holidays. I wear a lot of Black. I love this Vest my friend James Newton introduced it to me. I would love to have one in Black for Winter
    Thank you so much for this Vest.

  15. Richard S. Meeks

    In a review back in September of 2018 you mentioned you might be working on a version of the undervest that is modified a bit for a Heartware VAD. Have you made a version that better accommodates the battery cables for the Heartware?

    • John

      Hello Richard,

      Yes, we have made the Controller pocket larger than in the original Undervest, and added a side fastener that fits between the driveline and power lead cable for additional stability.

  16. Kristy

    Good Morning,
    Wondering if you can offer a suggestion, my father recently received the Heartmate 3 back in September, unfortunately he is not out of the hospital as of yet due to complications from surgery.
    I want to help him in his physical therapy for he has complained often that the bag is too heavy for his neck/shoulders.
    Can you advise if i were to order this and my father not like the undershirt do you refund.

    • John

      Hello Kristy,

      Yes. Our refund policy states that items should be returned unused, in its original packaging within 14 days, for a full refund (excluding shipping & handling). If we nail down his correct size, I’m sure he will find the Undervest very comfortable.

  17. Carolyn

    I’d like to order one for my friend. How do your sizes translate into women’s clothing sizes? This shirt looks like the perfect option for her!

    • John

      Hello Carolyn,

      The Undervests are unisex. However, because of the stretch and compression characteristics, as well as body type, fit is not always straightforward. Generally, we recommend ordering the white Freedom Undervest in the size you normally wear. The black Freedom 2 Undervest runs a bit small. Please keep this in mind if ordering the Undervest in black. Thank you for reaching out!

  18. Jenny

    I’m unsure of what size to order. What are the chest measurements for each size?

    • John

      Hello Jenny, The sizing for the Undervests are unisex. If you are ordering the Freedom 2 Undervest we reccomment that you order one size larger than you usually wear. The original white Undervests are essentially true-to-fit.

  19. Pamela Williams

    I am a Lvad patient had mines out a year now I’m embarking going out to grocery store because people stare a lot but I’m great full at the same my bag has started hurting my shoulders makes me tired quickly I love your shirt but your out of it I wear a xlarge in shirts I hope that’s what I would wear In this shirt for my device I want to order 3 I hope you get black too I really need them please contact me by my email when you get done in stock thanks so very much and god bless you Pamela

    • John (verified owner)

      Thank you for reaching out to us! We do have a few black Freedom Undervests that may fit you well. Our black fabric is ultra lightweight but runs a bit small. However, it does tend to ‘give’ with wash and wear. We have it in XL, but it may be better to go one size up, to a 2xl, depending upon your body type. Go to

      to purchase yours, today.

  20. Tim

    When will y’all be getting large white ones back in

    • John (verified owner)

      Hello Tim,

      We will be placing a fresh order with our manufacturer, soon. The turnaround time is usually 8 weeks once the order is placed. We can put you on our waiting list if you like.

  21. Diane Aamoth (verified owner)

    Do you ever think that you will make a nude colored one. I have the black and 4 white ones but would really like some nudes ones

    • John (verified owner)

      Hello Diane,

      Possibly. We are always open to new suggestions.

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