Life with an LVAD can be challenging, and loved ones in your life may not realize just how different your day-to-day activities look. From cleaning, inspecting, and changing the bandages on your exit wound to plugging in your LVAD equipment at night, life just looks a bit different after receiving your LVAD.

Medi-Materials is here to make sure that ‘different’ doesn’t have to mean ‘difficult.’

Aside from the life-saving properties of your LVAD there are also some unique advantages. For example, you’re likely feeling much more energetic since receiving your LVAD thanks to the circulation of more oxygen-rich blood in your veins. And once you trade in your hospital-issued VAD bag for a set of Medi-Materials’ Freedom Undervests, you’ll be able to go hands free again!

Just like any undergarment, this LVAD vest is worn beneath your regular clothing, fitting snugly against your body like a second skin. It is made from smooth and silky compression material for your comfort, and is outfitted with three pockets for your controller and batteries. This LVAD shirt is so comfortable because it was designed by medical professionals who have heard and taken to heart the daily woes of LVAD recipients, and wanted to ease their discomfort.

You can even sleep in it!

With such a versatile and useful undergarment, all other LVAD clothing options will quickly feel inferior. As it is an undergarment, we recommend purchasing a starter pack of 3-5 LVAD shirts for yourself, or as a gift for the beloved LVAD recipient in your life.

Just like socks, it is advisable to wear a fresh LVAD shirt each day. Particularly because the fabric is so form-fitting, we’ve found that our patients were most comfortable when wearing a fresh garment every day.

Free to drive, shop, cook, clean, and even exercise; the Freedom Undervest is changing lives, one heart at a time.

Click Here to purchase your first Freedom Undervest; we’re sure you’ll be back for more.