Where can I purchase the Freedom Undervest?

Right HERE 🙂

How does the Undervest help decrease the risk of driveline infections?

Wearing the Medi-Materials LVAD shirt may help reduce the risk of driveline infections by:

  • -Immobilizing the driveline at the wound site, reducing trauma to the soft tissue.
  • -Evenly distributing the weight of the external LVAD equipment without applying tension to the driveline.

How does the Freedom Undervest protect the LVAD equipment and driveline?

The driveline and LVAD equipment is carried securely and comfortably, close to the body under the clothing. The driveline is never exposed while wearing this LVAD vest properly, so there is a greatly reduced likelihood for snagging, or other types of damage, to occur.

When worn properly, the dedicated pockets securely hold the controller and batteries. The larger middle pouch that houses the pockets will catch the equipment in the unlikely event that it inadvertently falls out of the pocket.

What is the Freedom Undervest made from?

Our LVAD clothing is made of a fabric blend which is 83% Polyester, 17% Lycra, and offers 4-way stretch and supple compression.

Is the Undervest machine washable?

Yes! Machine wash in cold water only. It is a good idea to secure the Velcro fasteners before washing to preserve their integrity.

Can you sleep with the Undervest?

Yes! For the HeartMate II and III LVADS, leaving the system controller in its pocket, switch from your batteries to your patient cable as you do normally, while wearing the Undervest. There are gaps in the Velcro fastener on both sides of the large middle pouch, where the cable can easily be passed through, depending upon which side you sleep on. Fasten the Undervest closed and enjoy your rest without the VAD bag.

For Heartware LVADS, leave both the controller and one of your batteries in their designated pocket (or anywhere in the larger middle pouch that is comfortable). Replace and remove the other battery with the charging cable as you would normally do. Pass the charging cable through either of the gaps in the Velcro fastener and rest easier.

In what sizes does the Undervest come?

We offer the Undervest in four sizes: small, medium, large and X-large. Because the stretchy characteristics of the Undervest have to be considered, we advise that you purchase these LVAD shirts one full shirt size SMALLER than you would normally wear.

I wear a 3XL. Will the Undervest fit me?

The X-Large may accommodate sizes up to 3XL in most cases, depending upon your build.

The system controller really gets hot sometimes. Should I be concerned that it will get uncomfortably warm in the pouch?

No. The controller pocket is lined with an insulating material that actually reflects heat away from your body. While in its pocket, you should not feel heat from the controller.

Do I need to wear the adhesive driveline anchor while wearing the Undervest?

No. Since your LVAD equipment will be nestled in their pockets and the driveline secured beneath the Undervest, there is no fear of tugging or pulling at the exit site.

How do I check my Controller parameters or replace my batteries while wearing the Undervest?

Checking your controller or replacing your batteries is easily done by opening up the large middle pouch. There are tabs (top and bottom) in the front and on either side, to easily pull the Velcro fastener apart. You can simply look down and check your controller parameters (Heartware) or lift it out of its pocket to view the LED screen (HeartMate II and III).

To replace the batteries, unfasten the Velcro on the side where the battery rests, lift it out and switch it as usual, then place the new battery into the side pocket. Refasten the Velcro by lining up the top and bottom tabs on the front and each side of the Undervest.

Does the Undervest come in other colors besides white?

Not yet. Due to our desire to keep the Freedom Undervest affordable for all LVAD recipients, we are unable to offer other colors at this time. As an undergarment, our clientele usually require more than one Undervest, another reason we are striving to keep the production and retail costs low. We are currently negotiating with our fabric supplier and hope to have additional color options for you soon.

Where is the Freedom Undervest made?

All of Medi-Materials LVAD clothing & LVAD products are proudly made in the USA!

Click Here to purchase yours.