“It all starts with the heart.”

The vision for Medi-Materials was formed over many years in the open-heart surgery setting while serving the needs of the advanced heart failure patient population. Many of the life preserving technological advances we have seen in this arena, such as Ventricular Assist Devices (VADs), fall short of providing relief from the stress of the therapy itself. Many patients settle for the awkwardness of the therapy and the stress that comes with it because they have had no choice. Similarly, as advanced heart failure clinicians, not being able to do more to help our patients live their lives with freedom is a tremendous source of frustration. It is from this that we have as our mission to:

1. Improve the lives of LVAD patients by providing products that will protect their delicate and life sustaining equipment while giving them the freedom to enjoy life.

2. Develop smarter and more efficient solutions to problems encountered by clinicians in the cardiovascular community. We are determined to improve delivery of quality care by making various tasks simpler and safer for both patients and clinicians.

3. Utilize smart materials and cutting-edge technology to achieve the first two goals.

Look forward to several new products rolling out in the next few months to fulfill our mission!