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26 02, 2020

The Proper way to Load the Freedom Undervest

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  Loading the Freedom Undervest properly will greatly reduce the risk of damaging your driveline and eliminates the need for irritating adhesive anchors.  There are 7 easy steps:   1.  Place your external LVAD equipment on a firm surface.  Be sure to have your wires and driveline untangled and in position. 2.  Put on your Undervest [...]

12 02, 2020

Is Cardiac Rehab for you? Yes!

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Did you know that this week is Cardiac Rehabilitation Week? Have you been participating in your rehab program? Although cardiac rehabilitation doesn’t change your past, it can help improve your heart’s future. This week we’re all about focusing our attention on cardiac rehabilitation’s contributions to the improvement of the health and physical performance of individuals [...]

8 02, 2020

Thoughts on LVAD Life During American Heart Month

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LVADs give advanced heart failure patients a second chance at life. Patients who make the proper adjustments to their new lifestyle and properly protect the LVAD equipment could possibly extend their life expectancy a full decade! In honor of American Heart Month, Medi-Materials is challenging you to continue to make the best decision for your [...]


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