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Our Products

The Freedom Undervest

The Freedom Undervest is an LVAD shirt or vest designed to safely and comfortably carry external LVAD equipment for LVAD recipients.  It conceals and protects the driveline from snagging and damage that may lead to driveline fractures and infections.

The Freedom 2 Undervest

The Freedom 2 UnderVest is made with Revolutional™ Eco by Carvico, a breathable, lightweight techno-fabric that offers all of the protective stretch and compression characteristics of our standard Freedom UnderVest.

The Protex DL

The Protex DL Driveline Protector is made of Cut-Tex Pro, a slash-resistant smart material which is then encased within a weatherproof outer shell. Protect and encapsulate the driveline using overlapping soft Velcro fasteners for easy coverage.

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About Us

Medi-Materials is comprised of a team of highly trained Perfusionists, designers, engineers, and manufacturers, dedicated to delivering impeccably-made products such as our Freedom Undervest, the first TRULY Protective LVAD shirt and our Protex DL driveline protector..


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